About Birthstone Necklace

The birthstone necklace is one of the necklaces that are widely used and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The birthstone is a gemstone that represents deep feelings, protects from evil forces and from illnesses. People often wear the gemstones in order to bring them luck, and the talismans and emeralds are those that are widely used. 

Every gemstone represents one month and are often worn as pendants or jewellery. In the 1st century the connection between the stones in Aaron’s breastplate, the zodiac signs were also connected with it. They were widely used in the ancient times and were also described in the Bible. 

The birthstone necklace in the modern era

The birthstone necklace  in the modern era is widely used and represents a necklace of luck. Usually the teenage girls wear these types of necklaces where different designs are implemented. They can be with chains or other handcrafting. In the 20th century, the necklaces made of birthstones were mainly used and present in USA, while in the other parts of the world their population still didn’t get the peak. 

The traditional birthstones

In the ancient times, the birthstones were based on the society and were mainly used to protect the people from different illnesses. Their history can be tracked thousand year back and there are different interpretations of the symbolism of these necklaces and how they correspond to specific cultures and beliefs.

The gemstones in the Bible

According to the proofs and the other texts that we have, the gemstones originate since the time B.C. Accordingly, one priest was ordered to create one breastplate that will have 12 gemstones. These gemstones are linked with those that we have today and are ordered in 3 rows of 4. By the Bible, the names of these gemstones originated from the names of the sons of Israel and those included amethyst, topaz, jasper, onyx, beryl, ruby, carnelian, aquamarine, sardonyx, emerald and sapphire. Each of these gemstones belonged to a particular person, to every son of Israel. 

The necklaces today

Today the necklaces that contain these birthstones usually have the meaning from the birth months and have different powers. It is believed that they were given some medicinal and mystical powers and are usually worn by the teenage girls. You can find different types of this necklace on every online store for different prices. Depending on the month you are born in, or your preferences, the necklaces can suit you in every outfit.

The idea of wearing the jewellery made of birthstones

The idea of wearing such a necklace originates from the 15th and 16th century and is believed that those people that wear it will have luck in their lives. Today are worn because of beauty and for aesthetic reasons, even though the necklaces have deeper meaning and value. Whether it is a bracelet, ring, earrings or a necklace, there are different jewellery options from which you can choose and combine your best jewellery. You can also make your own collection and collect the stones. The birthstones have always been in fashion and they will always be, since they are timeless stones that live in the centuries. 

You should definitely purchase one if you are lover of these types of stones.