Name Plate Anklets

Name Plate Anklets are the perfect way to personalize your jewelry collection. These dainty pieces of jewelry are made up of a delicate anklet chain adorned with a small nameplate. They can be customized with a name or a word of your choice, making them a meaningful addition to any outfit. Name Plate Anklets are the perfect accessory for both casual and formal wear. They come in various shades of metal, such as gold, silver, and rose gold, allowing you to choose the perfect piece to match your style. These anklets look great when worn alone or layered with other pieces of jewelry. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. Name Plate Anklets are not only stylish, but they also carry sentimental value, as they showcase a name or word that holds meaning to the wearer. Shop our collection of Name Plate Anklets today and add some personalized charm to your jewelry collection.
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Mothers Bracelet/Anklet with Heart Charm in 18k Gold Plating

This Gold Plated Heart Charm Bracelet for Mums is seriously amazing and perfect for anyone who loves..

$40.47 Ex Tax: $40.47

Grey's Anatomy "You're My Person" Bracelet - BFF Gift

The Grey's Anatomy "You're My Person" Bracelet is a unique and handcrafted piece of jewelry that has..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet with Initials

Hey, have you heard about the latest fashion trend in jewellery? Initials bracelets are all the rage..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Engraved Couples Heart Bracelet/Anklet - 18ct Gold Plated for a Timeless Look

This splendid 18ct Gold Plated Engraved Couples Bracelet is absolutely perfect for everyone who has ..

$36.05 Ex Tax: $36.05

Bracelet or Anklet Featuring a Personalized Birthstone Name

Hey there! Do you want to add a pop of colour to your name bracelet that's super cute? Look no furth..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Personalised Mum Charm Bracelet/Anklet with Heart Charms

This super pretty bracelet is just perfect for any mom out there! You can make it extra special by a..

$31.10 Ex Tax: $31.10

Personalized Baby Bracelet/Anklet in 18ct Gold-Plated Silver

Hey there! Are you looking for a special gift for a new baby in your life? Check out the 18ct Gold-P..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

Monogram Bracelet/Anklet in Silver, 18ct Gold Plated for Stunning Style

Do you want to have a unique and personal accessory that is part of the latest trend in jewellery? M..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Sterling Silver Personalised My Tree Bracelet/Anklet with Optimal Crafting Standards

The My Family Tree necklace is totally elegant and adorable—it’s really the ideal present for your m..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Custom Infinity Friendship Bracelet - Perfect BFF Gift

Looking for a unique and meaningful way to show your appreciation for your best friend? Look no furt..

$41.10 $35.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Initial Bracelet/Anklet in Sterling Silver - The Perfect Accessory for Personalized Style

Hey girls! Want to add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your style? Check out our super cute..

$25.96 Ex Tax: $25.96

Filigree Style Silver Tree of Life Bracelet - Elevated Design

Hey guys, do you want to show off your awesome family? Check out our stunning Silver Tree of Life Br..

$48.68 Ex Tax: $48.68

Engraved Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet for Mothers Day – A Stunning Gift Idea

Hey there! Do you want to give a special gift to someone you love? We have the perfect thing for you..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Sterling Silver T-Bar Bracelet/Anklet - Personalized for You

Hey there! Do you love classic jewelry but also want to add your own twist to it? Look no further th..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Engraved Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet/Anklet for Timeless Style

OMG! Have you seen this super cool Sterling Silver Engraved Infinity Bracelet? It's so amazing becau..

$21.63 Ex Tax: $21.63

Engraved Kids Bracelet - 18ct Gold Plated Silver for Lasting Elegance

Hi there! We have the most amazing bracelet for you! It's made of 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver a..

$26.59 Ex Tax: $26.59

Engraved Heart Couples Bracelet/Anklet (18ct Rose Gold Plated) - Optimal Crafting Standard

Have you found true love? You can show it off with this beautiful 18ct Rose Gold Plated Engraved Hea..

$30.65 Ex Tax: $30.65

Chic Sterling Silver Double Heart Charm Bracelet/Anklet for Trendy Style

If you're a girl who loves to accessorize, then you've got to get your hands on this Sterling Silver..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Daddy's Girl Bracelet: Custom Jewelry Gift for Daughter from Dad

Our uniquely crafted Daddy's Girl Bracelet is the perfect custom jewelry gift for any daughter from ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Silver Strength Bracelet with Custom Inspirational Charms - Empowering Jewelry for Women's Wellness and Courage

This silver strength bracelet is a uniquely handcrafted accessory made from tough gauge sterling sil..

$40.98 Ex Tax: $40.98

18ct Rose Gold Plated Personalised My Tree Bracelet for Unique Stylish Look

The My Family Tree necklace is the perfect gift for any special lady in your life! It's super fancy ..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

Heart Charm Bracelet/Anklet made of Sterling Silver

Get your very own personalised heart charm bracelet that will last forever! This beautiful bracelet ..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Personalized Sterling Silver Baby Bracelets and Anklets

The Sterling Silver Personalised Baby Names Bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate the joy of a ne..

$31.55 Ex Tax: $31.55

Arabic Name Sterling Silver Bracelet/Anklet for Perfect Style Statement

Have you ever seen an Arabic name bracelet? Let me tell you, it's like writing a secret code! The Ar..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Stylish Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet/Anklet for Timeless Elegance

Do you want to be trendy? Then check out this amazing Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet! It's totall..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Nameplate Bracelet/Anklet in Sterling Silver Bar Design - Ultimate Quality and Style

Hey guys! If you're looking for the ultimate accessory that's just for you, check out this Sterling ..

$31.55 Ex Tax: $31.55

Monogram Bracelet/Anklet in Xtra Small Block Design for Maximum Style Statement

Looking for a piece of jewelry that is both fun and fashionable? Look no further than our Xtra Small..

$24.34 Ex Tax: $24.34

Sterling Silver Personalised Tree Bracelet

The My Family Tree necklace is super pretty and special! It's perfect for moms, grandmas, aunts, bes..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Feather Series Jewelry with a Touch of Luxury

The sterling silver feather pendant is a true gem, finely crafted with intricate details on a sleek ..

$89.24 Ex Tax: $89.24

Gold, Silver, and Crystal Infinity Name Anklet and Bracelets for Men, Perfect for Trendy Fashion Statements

Have you heard of the latest fashion trend, Eternity jewellery? It's taken the streets by storm and ..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Empowering Bracelet for Cancer, Addiction, Mental Health, and Divorce - Gift for Inspirational Strength

This Empowering Bracelet for Cancer, Addiction, Mental Health, and Divorce is designed with an oval ..

$47.32 Ex Tax: $47.32

Personalized Silver BFF Bracelet for Adults - Best Friends Forever

Expecting a personalized piece of jewelry to celebrate your best friendship? Look no further than ou..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Grey's Anatomy Quote BFF Bracelet | Rose Gold 'You're My Person' Gift

This Grey's Anatomy Quote BFF Bracelet is a perfect gift to show your loved ones how much they mean ..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Customized Name Bracelet: Unique Friend Gift, Kids' Names Jewelry

Expecting a customized bracelet that is unique and special? Look no further than our Customized Name..

$47.32 Ex Tax: $47.32

Unique Mum Gift - Personalized Disc Name Bracelet/Anklet

Hey there! Are you looking for a gift for your lovely mum? If so, then have a look at the amazing Sp..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Sterling Silver Cut Out Mum Bracelet/Anklet - Optimal Gift Format

Hey there! Looking for the perfect gift for your mum? Look no further than our Cut Out Kid's Bracele..

$29.66 Ex Tax: $29.66

Silver Stackable Bracelet Set with Initials

The offer entails a marvelous set of 2 stackable bangle bracelets, fashioned for the convenience of ..

$68.31 Ex Tax: $68.31

Isaiah 41:10 Bracelet - Christian & Religious Jewelry

Are you seeking a unique bracelet with a Christian message? Look no further than our Isaiah 41:10 br..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Silver Heart Bracelet/Anklet with Personalized Name Engraving

Hey there! Have you ever wanted to show off your name in a unique way? Well, now you can with this s..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Sister Bracelet - Silver/Gold, Maid of Honor & BFF Gift

Looking for a special gift for your sister? Look no further than our oval bangle bracelet measuring ..

$41.10 $35.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Personalized Mother Daughter Sunshine Bracelet Set - Sterling Silver, Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids.

This listing is for a personalized Mother Daughter Sunshine Bracelet Set made of two bangles, each m..

$72.19 Ex Tax: $72.19

Empowering She Did Bracelet - Inspiring Graduation Gift

Looking for a unique way to inspire and empower yourself or a loved one? Look no further than our en..

$49.10 $39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Express Your Forever Love with our Custom Heart and Stone Infinity Bracelet

In a world where fast fashion prevails, we take pride in our dedication to handcrafting bespoke brac..

$48.68 Ex Tax: $48.68

Custom Cancer Zodiac Jewelry and Zodiac Bangle - Ideal Birthday Present for June and July

Introducing our stunning bangle bracelet, meticulously handcrafted from heavy gauge wire that is ham..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Engraved Heart Sterling Silver Bracelet or Anklet for Couples - Optimal Gift Format

Hey there! Are you looking for a special gift for someone you love? Look no further than the Engrave..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Rose Gold BFF Bracelet - Personalized Friendship Jewelry

With this personalized Rose Gold BFF Bracelet, you can show your friendship in a unique and stylish ..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Engraved Date Bangle - Personalized Gift for Anniversary or New Mom

Our engraved date bangles are a unique way to preserve memories and celebrate special occasions. Cra..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Stylish Gold Plated Initial Bracelet and Anklet for a Trendy Look

Looking for a cool and trendy accessory to add to your collection? Look no further than our Gold Pla..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

"Carrie" Gold-Plated 18ct Silver Name Bracelet/Anklet for Stylish Personalization

Hey there! Do you want a bracelet that's all about YOU? Well then, check out this awesome name brace..

$40.47 Ex Tax: $40.47

Brilliant Silver and Crystal Personalized Bracelet/Anklet for Name Engraving

Hey there! Want to make your jewelry extra special? Well, you can do just that with our name bracele..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

Butterfly Cut-Out Bracelet/Anklet: A Stylish Accessory for Your Look!

If you love butterflies like me, you will absolutely adore the Cut Out Butterfly Bracelet. It's a st..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

18ct Gold Plated Personalised Name Bracelet/Anklet

Are you searching for a fashion accessory that truly captures your unique style? Look no further tha..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Mother Daughter Bracelets Christmas Gift Set - Mom Daughter Jewelry, Perfect for Her!

Expecting a unique way to express your affection for someone special? Look no further! Our "I Love Y..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Equestrian Personalized Bracelet - Perfect Jockey Gift

Looking for a unique and personalized gift for yourself or a loved one? Look no further than our 18k..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

18kt Gold Plated Engraved Disc Bracelet/Anklet - Best in Crafting Standard

If you want to add a bit of mystery and style to your outfit, you have got to check out our Gold Pla..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Personalized Survivor Jewelry - Inspirational Bracelet for Recovery & Support: Cancer, DV Awareness

This unique and inspiring bracelet features a 1 1/4 inch oval charm engraved with the word "survivor..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Best Friends Bracelet - Friendship Jewelry

Expecting a special gift for your best friend? Look no further than these beautifully crafted bangle..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

An Eternal Gift of Love: Custom Triple Heart Infinity Bracelet

In a world where mass-produced products reign supreme, we take great pride in offering our customers..

$48.68 Ex Tax: $48.68

Charming Mum Bracelet and Anklet - Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Do you ever want to show off your kids everywhere you go? Well, with our gorgeous Charm Bracelet for..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

Personalized Gold Om Bracelet for Yoga

Looking for a unique and personalized bracelet for your yoga practice? Look no further than our Pers..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

September Birthstone Bracelet Set with Personalized Sapphire Jewelry and Something Blue Gift.

Expecting a stylish and personalized addition to your jewelry collection? Look no further than our s..

$65.97 Ex Tax: $65.97

18ct Gold Plated Personalised Infinity Name Bracelet/Anklet

Each and every one of our exquisite pieces is created with devoted care, delicately cut and crafted ..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Engraved Name Couple Bar Bracelet in 18ct Gold Plating - Top Crafting Standard for Product Title

In the midst of a world full of chaos and noise, it's important to find ways to express our love and..

$27.03 Ex Tax: $27.03

Gold Infinity Bracelet - Customizable, Symbolic Jewelry for Wife, Gift Idea.

This gold vermeil bangle bracelet is adorned with a 24k gold infinity symbol at its center. The infi..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Custom Latitude Longitude Bracelet in Rose Gold - Perfect Anniversary or Christmas Gift for Her

Looking for a unique and personalized piece of jewelry to give as a gift or add to your own collecti..

$54.31 Ex Tax: $54.31

Personalized Sideways Initial Bracelet/Anklet in Stunning Sterling Silver

Hey there! Amp up your wrist game with this super cute Sterling Silver Sideways Initial Bracelet! Li..

$29.21 Ex Tax: $29.21

Personalized Fox Bangle Bracelet - Woodland Jewelry

Introducing our Personalized Fox Bangle Bracelet, a stunning piece of woodland jewelry that is sure ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Monogram Bracelet/Anklet in Sterling Silver

Do you want to look stylish, but not break the bank? Well, this Monogram Disc Pendant is just what y..

$34.25 Ex Tax: $34.25

Personalized Name Jewelry - Create Your Own Necklace, Bracelet, or Anklet with Custom Elements

Your identity is your narrative... imagine being bestowed with a bespoke piece of jewelry, meticulou..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Musical Bangle Bracelet with Inspirational Quote - Music Lover Gift, Notes Charm

This stunning bangle bracelet features an 18k gold filled rectangle measuring 1 1/8 inches across, w..

$41.10 $35.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Sterling Silver Engraved Disc Bracelet/Anklet - Elegant Personalized Jewelry

The Engraved Disc Bracelet is the coolest accessory to wear right now! Everyone loves bracelets – it..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

June Birthstone Pearl Bracelet: Personalized for Her with Gold Bangle & Swarovski Pearls.

This stunning bangle bracelet showcases an exquisite 8mm white Swarovski pearl at its center. Skillf..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Scorpio Astro Bracelet with Initial Charm - Zodiac Jewelry

Looking for a beautiful bangle bracelet that showcases your zodiac sign? Look no further than our ha..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Eternal Love: Customizable Double Heart Infinity Bracelet

We rejoice in the art of crafting bespoke, exquisite bracelets, bangles, and anklets tailored to you..

$37.85 Ex Tax: $37.85