Name Plate Earrings

Name plate earrings are a trendsetting accessory that has taken the fashion world by storm. These earrings have personalized name plates, initials, or messages that are handcrafted with great finesse by skilled artisans. Nameplate ear studs or hoops exist in a variety of materials including gold, silver, or rose gold, and can be adorned with diamonds, gemstones, or crystals. Name plate earrings are available in different styles ranging from classic, elegant to trendy, and contemporary ones that can go with any outfit or occasion. They are perfect as a gift for your loved ones or as a treat for yourself. These earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. They are also versatile and can be matched with a range of apparel, be it ethnic, western, or bohemian. So if you are looking for an excellent addition to your jewelry collection, pick a pair of name plate earrings that will make you stand out!
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Stud Earrings with Hope and Love Design - Perfect for Everyday Wear!

Hey friends! Let's talk about some super cute earrings that are so trendy right now. Statement earri..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Sterling Silver Hoop Name Earrings

Hey there, are you looking for a way to express yourself with some stylish jewellery? Well, look no ..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Personalized Sterling Silver Stud Name Earrings

Hey there! Are you looking for a super cool and personalized pair of earrings? Well, boy do I have t..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Customizable Sterling Silver Earrings with Personalized Initial Monogram

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to express your unique personality through your accessories? Well..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Stud Earrings with Monogram made of Sterling Silver

Hey there! Check out these totally awesome Sterling Silver Monogram Stud Earrings! They've got a sup..

$28.85 Ex Tax: $28.85

"Carrie" Name Earrings - 18ct Gold Plated Silver, Stylish and Elegant

Want to add some sparkle to your outfit? Look no further than these beautifully crafted 18ct gold pl..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Dangle Earrings with Monogrammed Initials

Hey there! Have you seen those cute little earrings that dangle from your ear lobes? They're totally..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Stylish 18K Gold Personalized Name Stud Earring for Elegant Women and Girls

Want to show off your unique and personalized style? Check out these amazing 18ct Gold Name Earrings..

$211.20 Ex Tax: $211.20

Customized Birthstone Earrings with Dual Names

Hey there, Are you looking for a stylish and fun way to personalize your jewelry? These Personalised..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

"Carrie" Style Name Earrings in Sterling Silver

Hi! Do you want to add some sparkle to your look? Check out these cool Sterling Silver earrings! The..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Earrings with Heart-Shaped Initial Charm

Are you looking for a pair of special heart earrings? Look no further! Our Heart Initial Earrings wi..

$32.36 Ex Tax: $32.36

Stunning Silver Earrings by XO – Perfect for Any Occasion

If you just love, love, love to show off your affection, then you will absolutely adore our XO Earri..

$31.55 Ex Tax: $31.55

Silver Print Initial Stud Earrings - Best for Gift: Silver Personalized Initial Stud Earrings

Introducing the Print Initial Stud Earrings, a new addition to our trendy and funky collection. Thes..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Personalized Sterling Silver Earrings with Monogram Design

Do you want to rock some bold and unique earrings? Look no further than these sterling silver monogr..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Initial Silver Heart Dangle Earrings

Hey there! Have you ever seen a pair of earrings that are just too cute to say no to? Well, our fun ..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Initial Infinity Stud Earrings for Timeless Style

Introducing the amazing Infinity Stud Earrings with Initial! We brought together two of the coolest ..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Personalized Hoop Earrings

Looking for name earrings to add a little something special to your look? These earrings are just wh..

$54.08 Ex Tax: $54.08

Sterling Silver Asymmetric Earrings

Hey there! Looking to make a statement with your accessories? Well then, you have got to check out o..

$36.05 Ex Tax: $36.05

Initial Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver - Perfect for Personalized Style

Are you looking for a way to express your unique personality through your fashion choices? Look no f..

$37.86 Ex Tax: $37.86

Gold Engraved Monogram Stud Earrings

Indulge in the timeless elegance of these Engraved Monogram Stud Earrings in Gold, a true testament ..

$33.88 Ex Tax: $33.88

Personalized Circle Monogram Earring - 18ct Gold Plated

As you embark on your quest for the perfect accessory, behold this exquisite creation: the 18ct Gold..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Personalized Circle Monogram Earrings - Solid 18ct White Gold, with 3 Initials of Your Name

Behold! Behold! The most exquisite of treasures! A pair of Solid Platinum earrings, their surface ad..

$171.27 Ex Tax: $171.27

Silver Rose Dangle Earrings - Sterling Silver Flower Jewelry

These exquisite Sterling silver earrings feature large 1-inch rose flowers that dangle delicately fr..

$39.54 Ex Tax: $39.54

Personalized Circle Monogram Earrings with 3 Initials in 18ct Gold Plating

Behold, the magnificent Monogram Ring/Engraved Earring, with a thickness of 0.7mm/0.027" and a ..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Custom Solid 18ct Gold Heart Monogram Stud Earrings for a Personalized Touch

Intricately crafted and delicately designed, these monogram rings and engraved earrings in solid gol..

$211.83 Ex Tax: $211.83

Elegant 18 Karat Gold Plated Personalized Monogram Earrings for Women

Introducing the glittering and glamorous Monogram Earring by renowned jewelers, crafted to perfectio..

$35.15 Ex Tax: $35.15

Elegant 18ct Gold Plated Circle Name Earring with Broadway Font Design

Once upon a time, there lived a glamorous set of earrings unlike any other. These earrings, with a t..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Personalized Circle Monogram 3-Initial Earrings in Solid 18ct Rose Gold

Behold! A magnificent treasure, crafted from the finest Rose Gold, fit for the most discerning of wi..

$211.83 Ex Tax: $211.83

Elegant Sterling Silver Earrings featuring Script Monogram Design

Introducing the exquisite Sterling Silver Script Monogram Earrings - a stunning must-have for fashio..

$32.89 Ex Tax: $32.89

Personalised Monogram Earring in 18ct Solid Gold - Best Crafting Standard

Behold the enchanting 18ct Gold Personalized Monogram Earring! A mere glimpse at this exquisite name..

$395.73 Ex Tax: $395.73

Custom Solid 18ct Rose Gold Heart Monogram Stud Earrings - Optimized for Gift

Behold the stunning Monogram Earrings, jeweled studs with a heart etched in your very own initials. ..

$482.25 Ex Tax: $482.25

Gold Heart Monogram Stud Earrings

Introducing the Heart Monogram Stud Earrings in Gold - a dazzling depiction of your identity that sp..

$26.13 Ex Tax: $26.13

Sterling Silver Circle Monogram Earrings featuring Initial "E" - Perfect for Personalization

Introducing the Circle Monogrammed Initial Earrings in Sterling Silver - a stunning and personalized..

$34.25 Ex Tax: $34.25

Sterling Silver Engraved Monogram Stud Earrings - A Timeless and Personal Accessory

Indulge in the luxury of self-expression with these exquisite Engraved Monogram Stud Earrings crafte..

$32.44 Ex Tax: $32.44

18kt Gold Plated Single Letter Monogram Stud Earrings

Behold, the Single Monogram Stud Earrings 18K Gold Plated. Each of these precious trinkets boasts a ..

$27.03 Ex Tax: $27.03

Hummingbird Silver Earrings & Jewelry Gifts

If you are on a lookout for dainty yet elegant jewelry pieces, then these Hummingbird Silver Earring..

$37.99 Ex Tax: $37.99

Silver Personalised Star Stud Earrings with Initials

Gorgeous monogram earrings, boasting a refined thickness of 1.2mm, are a must-have for anyone seekin..

$27.03 Ex Tax: $27.03

Custom Heart Monogram Stud Earrings in 18ct White Gold Plating

Behold the wondrous Monogram Earrings! Delicately crafted from the finest Sterling Silver, and boast..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Customizable Sterling Silver Monogram Earrings

This exquisite piece of jewelry known as the Silver Personalized Monogram Earrings has gained immens..

$33.34 Ex Tax: $33.34

Gold Circle Monogram Earrings Featuring the Initial "E" - Optimized for Gift

A wistful and charming pair, these Circle Monogram Initial Earrings in Gold will positively enchant ..

$35.15 Ex Tax: $35.15

Broadway Font Circle Name Earrings - Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925

The Monogram Earring, also known as the Initial Earring, boasts a graceful thickness of 0.5mm, or 0...

$29.74 Ex Tax: $29.74

18ct Gold Plated Script Monogram Earrings with Initial 'E': Elevate Your Look with Personalized Jewelry

Introducing the exquisite Script Monogram Initial Earrings, plated in lustrous 18K gold - the very e..

$35.15 Ex Tax: $35.15

Sterling Silver Heart Monogram Stud Earrings for Elegant Style

Behold the Heart Monogram Stud Earrings, carved from the finest sterling silver, no less. Mirroring ..

$32.44 Ex Tax: $32.44

Sterling Silver Personalized Single Monogram Stud Earrings - Ideal for Gift

In this day and age, one's identity is of the utmost importance. What better way to express who you ..

$27.03 Ex Tax: $27.03

Elegant Signet Earring with Monogram in Solid 18ct Gold Circle – Optimal for Gift

Behold, dear reader, the epitome of elegance: solid gold monogram earrings, lovingly crafted to bear..

$176.68 Ex Tax: $176.68

Gold Star Stud Earrings with Personalized Initials

Behold the glistening elegance of our Monogram Earrings, fashioned with meticulous delicacy and craf..

$27.03 Ex Tax: $27.03

Sterling Silver Monogrammed Disc Signet Earrings

Indulge in the simple pleasures of adornment with these Disc Signet Monogrammed Earrings. Effortless..

$34.25 Ex Tax: $34.25

Musical Earrings, Jewelry for Music Lovers, Gift for Musicians.

If you're a music lover or a musician looking for unique jewelry to adorn yourself with, these Music..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Gold Signet Monogram Disc Earrings

The Disc Signet Monogram Earrings in Gold are an undeniable must-have for aficionados of bespoke emb..

$35.15 Ex Tax: $35.15

Elevate Your Style with Sterling Silver Circle Name Earrings in Broadway Font

Introducing the Personalized Silver Broadway Font Circle Name Earrings - a delightful addition to an..

$26.13 Ex Tax: $26.13

Minimalist Sterling Silver Circle Disc Earrings

Crafted from 100% sterling silver, these minimalist circle disc earrings showcase a modern and chic ..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Yoga Om Earrings - Simple & Short Om Jewelry

Sterling silver ear wires are used for these exquisite earrings. The earrings feature small silver d..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Lotus Flower Earrings - Silver Yoga Jewelry, Ideal Teacher Gift

Experience tranquility with our stunning 3/4 inch sterling silver lotus flower earrings. Boasting a ..

$37.99 Ex Tax: $37.99

Unique and Stylish Customizable Earrings - Personalized Ear Studs in Your Own Design and Shape

In search of something ineffably timeless and steeped in legacy? Look no further than the allure of ..

$22.53 Ex Tax: $22.53

Personalized Silver Initial Earrings - Perfect Birthday Gift!

These personalized silver initial earrings are handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, the ..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Sterling Tree of Life Dangle Earrings - Family Inspired

These Tree of Life Dangle Earrings are truly exquisite pieces of jewelry that will add a touch of el..

$39.54 Ex Tax: $39.54

Yoga Om Earrings - Simple & Short Jewelry, Ideal Yoga Gift

When it comes to stylish and meaningful earrings, these Yoga Om Earrings are hard to beat. Crafted f..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Lotus Stud Earrings - Minimalist Style for Yoga Enthusiasts in Sterling Silver

Looking for a pair of earrings that exude minimalist style? Look no further than these lotus stud ea..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Golden Yoga Lotus Earrings for Yogi Gifts

Discover the Perfect Yogi Gift: Golden Yoga Lotus EarringsIf you are searching for a truly unique gi..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings: Perfect Gift for Her!

Expecting simple yet elegant earrings? Look no further! Our ear wires are made from sterling silver,..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Christian Cross Earrings - Simple & Short Christian Jewelry

Sterling silver ear wires are the perfect foundation for these charming Christian earrings. Small, d..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77