Name Plate For Baby & Kid

Name Plate For Baby & Kid
If you're looking for a unique and personalized gift for a new baby or young child, you've come to the right place. Our name plates for babies and kids are the perfect way to add a touch of charm and individuality to any child's room. Made from high-quality materials like wood and acrylic, our name plates are designed to last and are available in a range of fun and playful designs that are sure to capture the imagination of any child. From cute animals and bright colors to classic fonts and elegant designs, our selection of name plates has something for every taste and style. So whether you're shopping for a new parent, a young child's birthday, or just looking to add something special to your own child's room, you'll find a great selection of name plates for babies and kids at our online store. Shop now and discover the perfect name plate for the little one in your life!
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Sterling Silver Engraved Baby Feet Ring with Birthstone

These cool silver rings are perfect for celebrating special moments in your family's life! You can g..

$47.72 Ex Tax: $47.72

Personalized Baby Bracelet/Anklet in 18ct Gold-Plated Silver

Hey there! Are you looking for a special gift for a new baby in your life? Check out the 18ct Gold-P..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

Baby Feet New Mum Necklace- Celebrate Motherhood with Style!

Have you ever been looking for the perfect gift for a new mommy? We have just the thing - the New Mu..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Custom-Cut Photo Engraved Crystals for Personalized Gifting

If you're looking for some pretty and decorative accessories to jazz up your outfits, costume jewell..

$43.26 Ex Tax: $43.26

Girl's Kitten Nameplate Necklace - A Perfect Accessory for Your Little Princess!

Finding the perfect gift for girls can be tough, but the Kitten Nameplate Necklace for Girls is the ..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

Personalized Sterling Silver Baby Bracelets and Anklets

The Sterling Silver Personalised Baby Names Bracelet is the perfect way to celebrate the joy of a ne..

$31.55 Ex Tax: $31.55

Personalized Silver Necklace with Name Tag for Kids

Hey there! If you're a mom who wants to show your family how much you love them, the Silver Children..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Personalized 925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace with Hand or Footprint Charm

Imagine holding a piece of time in your hand, forever immortalized in solid silver. This charm, exqu..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Custom 925 Sterling Silver Pendant with 3D Diamond Photo/ Picture Engraving

In this wondrous solid silver circle pendant, behold a captured Moment in Time in the form of a prec..

$72.11 Ex Tax: $72.11

Double Dogtag with Unique Hand and Foot Prints in 925 Sterling Silver

This magnificent creation is a solid silver dogtag, crafted to capture two precious Hand or Footprin..

$45.07 Ex Tax: $45.07

Create Your Personalized Style with DIY Drawing - Unlimited Dream Element Combinations

You rush around in a frenzy, desperate to take a quick sip from the fridge before dashing off. Sudde..

$45.07 Ex Tax: $45.07

Circle Pendant Dog Tag in 925 Sterling Silver with Photo Engraving

In this glimmering silver dog tag, one can capture a Moment in Time, preserved forever in the form o..

$72.11 Ex Tax: $72.11

Circle Pendant Necklace with 925 Sterling Silver Photo Insert

In this splendid piece of jewelry, a Moment in Time can be captured forevermore. Solid silver encase..

$72.11 Ex Tax: $72.11

925 Sterling Silver Fingerprint Heart Pendant with Cascade Design - Ideal for Exceptional Personalized Jewelry

Within these stunning silver heart-shaped pendants, lay the magic of capturing a moment in time with..

$42.42 Ex Tax: $42.42

925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Handprint Cut-Out Heart Design

Behold the sublime yet understated grace of our handprint necklace. An exquisite treasure, crafted i..

$54.09 Ex Tax: $54.09

Circular Pendant with Patented FingerPrint Design

Enchanting and captivating, this magical circular necklace holds the essence of love within its ster..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

925 Sterling Silver Hand / Footprint Oval Charm

Oh, how enchanting! Behold, a marvelous solid silver charm that captures the imprint of a delicate h..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Necklace featuring Moon and Star Hand and Foot Prints

There is nothing that says "thoughtful gift" quite like our sterling silver moon and star necklace. ..

$63.10 Ex Tax: $63.10

Children's Necklace with Engraved Handprint - Large Size, Ideal for Gifting and Keepsake Purposes

A stunning necklace, bearing two sterling silver discs adorned with four intricate prints and names ..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Stunning 925 Sterling Silver FingerPrint Butterfly Pendant for a Striking Look

Behold, a marvel of elegance - a sterling silver butterfly necklace imbued with the essence of love...

$47.72 Ex Tax: $47.72

Heart Pendant Made of 925 Sterling Silver with FingerPrint Design

Deep within this solid silver heart pendant lies a magical moment in time that you can hold forever...

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Star Pendant with Hand/Footprint in 925 Sterling Silver - Top Quality Crafting Standard

Behold, a wondrous creation of solid silver- a Star pendant! With the power to capture a precious Mo..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Medium Tear-drop Pendant with Hand/Footprint Design in 925 Sterling Silver

Behold, a wondrous creation! Behold, a teardrop pendant of solid silver! Its form is such that a han..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Engraved Disc Pendant - Hand/Footprint Design. Made of 925 Sterling Silver.

In a moment frozen in silver, three imprints of either hand or foot can be immortalized on cascading..

$42.42 Ex Tax: $42.42

Triple Heart FingerPrint Cascade Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver

Intricately crafted from robust silver, these exquisite heart-shaped pendants have the remarkable ab..

$72.11 Ex Tax: $72.11

Personalized Silver Necklace with Engraved Baby Footprints

Hey there, mamas! We all know how special it is to watch our little ones take their first steps. And..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Personalized Children's Engraved Disc Necklace

Hey guys, do you need a present for a child? Check out the Engraved Kids Disc Necklace! You can put ..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Double Heart Pendant with Cascading Hand/Footprints - 925 Sterling Silver

These splendid silver pendants are truly a precious keepsake, capturing a fleeting Moment in Time. W..

$72.11 Ex Tax: $72.11

Ring - Personalized Engraved Baby Feet Design for a Meaningful Gift

What finer way to celebrate the arrival of a precious new life than with our Engraved Baby Feet Ring..

$49.58 Ex Tax: $49.58

Medium Circle Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver Hand and Footprint Design

Behold, a wondrous creation that can capture a moment in time forevermore. A solid silver circle pen..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Butterfly Handprint Necklace with Engraved Design

The delicate yet stunning butterfly necklace, crafted from gleaming sterling silver, is a work of ar..

$45.07 Ex Tax: $45.07

Oval FingerPrint Pendant crafted from 925 Sterling Silver

In this solid silver teardrop pendant, a Moment in Time can be captured with a simple fingerprint. A..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Gold Plated Silver Personalised Pendant Necklace for Baby Girl with Name

In the depths of passion and commitment, lies the perfect expression of love. Our Heart Necklace Pen..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

18ct Gold-Plated Necklace with Personalized Baby Footprints Name

Behold, the magnificent Personalized Baby Footprints Name Necklace, a glistening spectacle crafted f..

$33.61 Ex Tax: $33.61

Necklace with Butterfly Hand and Foot Prints

Behold, dear patrons of exquisite taste - a masterpiece of handcrafted sterling silver necklace, wro..

$54.09 Ex Tax: $54.09

Stunning 925 Sterling Silver Teardrop Pendant with Fingerprint Design

In this finely crafted silver pendant, a Moment in Time can be captured as delicately as the flutter..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Sterling Silver FingerPrint Cascade TearDrop Pendant in 925 Quality

In this glorious creation of solid silver, behold the capture of two fingerprints in large and mediu..

$54.09 Ex Tax: $54.09

Sterling Silver Engraved Baby Feet Necklace

This necklace is the absolute cutest way to show off those tiny baby feet! Our Engraved Baby Feet Ne..

$41.46 Ex Tax: $41.46

18ct Gold Plated Cut Out Baby Footprint Pendant - Best for Gift

The Cut Out Baby Footprint Pendant, crafted with the utmost care and detail, is a precious and perso..

$41.46 Ex Tax: $41.46

Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Memory Feet Necklace with Personalized Date and Name

Behold, dear customer! Have you welcomed a new life into this world, a bundle of joy with tiny toes ..

$26.94 Ex Tax: $26.94

18ct Rose Gold Plated Engraved Baby Feet Necklace with Name and Date Imprint

Behold, the Engraved Baby Feet Imprint Necklace with Date and Name in exquisite Rose Gold. A preciou..

$37.22 Ex Tax: $37.22

Sterling Silver Baby Footprint Name Pendant

Behold, dear wanderer, the exquisite and cherished Name Necklace/Love Necklace. Its pendant, a wondr..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

18ct Gold Plated Mother Pendant Necklace with Baby Feet Design

Celebrate the miracle of birth with this enchanting mother pendant baby feet necklace, glistening wi..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Sterling Silver Memory Baby Footprints Name Necklace - Top Crafting Standard

Introducing the Memory Baby Footprints Name Necklace Sterling Silver - a true treasure for any lovin..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Silver Personalized Pendant Necklace for Baby Girls Including Name

Intricately crafted and made with the finest 925 silver, this necklace holds a spellbinding charm. P..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Silver Personalized Baby Feet Name Necklace with Birthstone

Experience the enchantment of new life with our Charmed Baby Feet Necklace. Delicate baby feet, ador..

$35.15 Ex Tax: $35.15

18ct Gold Plated Initial Charm Necklace with Cute Teddy Bear Design

In a world filled with ordinary necklaces, there is one that stands out - the Cute Teddy Bear Initia..

$32.35 Ex Tax: $32.35

Mom's Baby Feet Charm Necklace for a Heartfelt Touch

Once upon a time, there was a breathtakingly beautiful Baby Feet Charm Necklace, fit for a queen. Ma..

$26.13 Ex Tax: $26.13

18ct Gold Plated Birthstone Baby Feet Charm Pendant - Optimal Gift Format

Join in the joy of new life with the Charmed Baby Feet Necklace. Crafted with delicate precision, th..

$36.05 Ex Tax: $36.05

Sterling Silver Personalized Teddy Bear Initial Necklace - Top Crafting Standard

In the land of jewelry lies a wondrous treasure, a necklace that bears the name of the one who wears..

$23.34 Ex Tax: $23.34

Sterling Silver Baby Feet Charms with Birthstone Memory - Best Crafting Standard

Oh, have you ever seen anything quite as precious as a set of baby's feet? It tugs at the heartstrin..

$32.44 Ex Tax: $32.44