Name Plate Handprint

Name Plate Handprint
Welcome to our category page for Name Plate Handprints! Here, you will find a wide selection of personalized keepsakes that capture the unique and cherished handprints of your loved ones. Our name plate handprints offer a creative and timeless way to celebrate the special moments and milestones in life, from the birth of a child to the graduation of a loved one. Each name plate handprint is carefully crafted using high-quality materials, and can be customized with your choice of font, color, and design. Whether you are looking for a gift for a new parent, grandparent, or friend, our name plate handprints are sure to be treasured for years to come. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect way to honor the ones you love with a one-of-a-kind keepsake that celebrates their unique and precious handprints.
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Personalized 925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace with Hand or Footprint Charm

Imagine holding a piece of time in your hand, forever immortalized in solid silver. This charm, exqu..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Double Dogtag with Unique Hand and Foot Prints in 925 Sterling Silver

This magnificent creation is a solid silver dogtag, crafted to capture two precious Hand or Footprin..

$45.07 Ex Tax: $45.07

Personalized Baby Birth Info and Footprint Dog Tag Necklace - Set of Two Pendants

Behold, a grandeur testament to sublime craftsmanship, this necklace adorned with sterling silver, e..

$136.12 Ex Tax: $136.12

925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Handprint Cut-Out Heart Design

Behold the sublime yet understated grace of our handprint necklace. An exquisite treasure, crafted i..

$54.09 Ex Tax: $54.09

Personalized Men's Dog Tag Necklace with Handprint and Footprint - Set of Two Pendants

Behold, an elegant necklace that boasts not one, but two pendants for the discerning wearer. A symph..

$107.27 Ex Tax: $107.27

925 Sterling Silver Hand / Footprint Oval Charm

Oh, how enchanting! Behold, a marvelous solid silver charm that captures the imprint of a delicate h..

$37.12 Ex Tax: $37.12

Necklace featuring Moon and Star Hand and Foot Prints

There is nothing that says "thoughtful gift" quite like our sterling silver moon and star necklace. ..

$63.10 Ex Tax: $63.10

Children's Necklace with Engraved Handprint - Large Size, Ideal for Gifting and Keepsake Purposes

A stunning necklace, bearing two sterling silver discs adorned with four intricate prints and names ..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Star Pendant with Hand/Footprint in 925 Sterling Silver - Top Quality Crafting Standard

Behold, a wondrous creation of solid silver- a Star pendant! With the power to capture a precious Mo..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Medium Tear-drop Pendant with Hand/Footprint Design in 925 Sterling Silver

Behold, a wondrous creation! Behold, a teardrop pendant of solid silver! Its form is such that a han..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Engraved Disc Pendant - Hand/Footprint Design. Made of 925 Sterling Silver.

In a moment frozen in silver, three imprints of either hand or foot can be immortalized on cascading..

$42.42 Ex Tax: $42.42

Double Heart Pendant with Cascading Hand/Footprints - 925 Sterling Silver

These splendid silver pendants are truly a precious keepsake, capturing a fleeting Moment in Time. W..

$72.11 Ex Tax: $72.11

Medium Circle Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver Hand and Footprint Design

Behold, a wondrous creation that can capture a moment in time forevermore. A solid silver circle pen..

$36.06 Ex Tax: $36.06

Butterfly Handprint Necklace with Engraved Design

The delicate yet stunning butterfly necklace, crafted from gleaming sterling silver, is a work of ar..

$45.07 Ex Tax: $45.07

Necklace with Butterfly Hand and Foot Prints

Behold, dear patrons of exquisite taste - a masterpiece of handcrafted sterling silver necklace, wro..

$54.09 Ex Tax: $54.09

Customized Printed Dog Tag for Your Furry Friend

Behold the darling adornment, a precious dog tag measuring an approximate 25mm x 14mm, coupled with ..

$73.17 Ex Tax: $73.17

Double Footprint Tag Necklace for Men

Behold, an adornment of sterling silver, crafted with meticulous care to exalt the precious memory o..

$94.38 Ex Tax: $94.38

Personalized Hand or Footprint Necklace for Men

Behold, a dazzling feat of craftsmanship - a solid sterling silver necklace, measuring approximately..

$102.76 Ex Tax: $102.76

Personalised Men's Footprint Tag Necklace

Behold a trinket of tiny proportions, the footprint tag measuring 1.1cm x 3.5cm x 0.2cm and a person..

$57.69 Ex Tax: $57.69

Necklace for Men - Featuring Footprint Trio Tag - Ideal for Gift Optimization

In the grand universe of diamonds, one can easily become lost among the vast array of options and so..

$104.99 Ex Tax: $104.99

Customized Handprint and Footprint Dog Tag, Perfect for Personalization

This magnificent dog-tag, with its impressive dimensions of 3cm by 1.7cm, is a true statement piece ..

$80.23 Ex Tax: $80.23