Personalized Necklaces

Personalized necklaces are a timeless accessory that allow you to express your personality, showcase your loved ones or commemorate a special event. They make for thoughtful gifts that speak volumes about the recipient and serve as cherished keepsakes for years to come. Our collection of personalized necklaces features a wide range of styles to suit every taste and budget. From delicate initial pendants to bold nameplate necklaces, we offer a variety of ways to make your jewelry one-of-a-kind. Choose from various customization options such as metal type, font type, birthstones, and engravings to make your piece truly unique. Whether you want to celebrate your family, honor your partner, or treat yourself to a special piece of jewelry, our selection of personalized necklaces has something for everyone. Elevate your look and showcase your individuality with one of our stunning personalized necklaces that are designed to be cherished for years to come.
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Rose Gold Plated Script Name Necklace in 18ct Quality

Hey guys! If you're looking for a really cool and trendy gift to give to your best friend, or maybe ..

$44.62 Ex Tax: $44.62

Stylish Silver Script Font Dog Tag Necklace - Perfect for Your Furry Friend

Introducing the Silver Script Font Dog Tag Necklace, a gorgeous and stylish accessory that is perfec..

$30.65 Ex Tax: $30.65

Personalized Silver Heart Necklace with Middle Name

Get your loved one a special gift that will show them how much you care! This beautiful name necklac..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Heart Love Necklace with Two Names - Silver

Hi there! If you're looking for the perfect unique gift for someone special in your life, we have ju..

$49.58 Ex Tax: $49.58

18ct Gold Plated Personalized Circles of Love Necklace Tree

This pendant is super cool for anyone who loves to express themselves. It's made of shiny monel silv..

$62.20 Ex Tax: $62.20

Mum and Daughter Bar Necklace Set: An Ideal Gift Option

Hey guys! Have you ever seen those trendy bar necklaces that everyone is wearing? Well, now mums and..

$67.52 Ex Tax: $67.52

Sterling Silver Name Necklace in Harrington Style - Enhance Your Personal Style!

This cool necklace lets you put your own name on it! It's super pretty and made from Sterling Silver..

$29.34 Ex Tax: $29.34

Swarovski Name Necklace - Silver "Carrie" Style

Add some sparkle to your name necklace with a beautiful Swarovski crystal! First, choose the name th..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Customizable Small Classic Name Necklace in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

Our Small Personalised Classic Name Necklace is the epitome of chic and delicate charm. It provides ..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Heart Necklace for Couples with Personalised Birthstones – Ideal Gift Idea!

Give your loved one a gift that lasts forever with the Personalised Couples Birthstone Heart Necklac..

$54.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

Personalized 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Necklace with Custom Name Design

Hey guys! Listen up because I have some super exciting news for you! We just got in a brand new neck..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Customized Sterling Silver Heart Necklace for Couples

Do you want a necklace that is cute and personalized just for you and your special someone? This ama..

$35.97 Ex Tax: $35.97

Double 18ct Gold Thickness Name Necklace - Personalized 'Carrie' Jewelry Piece

Hey there! Have you ever watched "Sex and the City" and thought, "I wish I had a necklace like Carri..

$269.53 Ex Tax: $269.53

Multi Disc Necklace in 18ct Gold Mum Jewellery

Make mum feel loved and appreciated with a special necklace made just for her. This super trendy 18c..

$651.50 Ex Tax: $651.50

Customized My Family Tree Single Disc in Two-Tone Rose Gold and Silver

If you're searching for a gift for a special person in your life, look no further than the My Family..

$49.58 Ex Tax: $49.58

Custom Tree of Life Washer Pendant in 10-18ct Gold Plating

This amazing piece of jewelry is a family tree-style pendant that can be customized with up to seven..

$71.21 Ex Tax: $71.21

Stunning Sterling Silver Family Tree Pendant Necklace - Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

Hey there! Do you love your family more than anything else in the world like me? Well, you're in luc..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Customizable Triple Heart Necklace for Personalized Style

Hey there! Have you ever wanted a piece of jewellery that's unique and special to you? Well, look no..

$58.58 Ex Tax: $58.58

Necklace with Engraved Guitar Pick Pendant

Do you love playing the guitar and want to show it off? Then you need the Engraved Guitar Pick Neckl..

$26.59 Ex Tax: $26.59

18ct Gold Plated Personalized My Family Tree Necklace

Did you know that wearing blue sapphire jewelry can offer protection? This gemstone is believed to h..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Sterling Silver Personalized My Family Tree Dome Necklace

This beautiful collection is inspired by nature's prettiest flowers! The pendant is made of monel si..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Arabic Name Necklace adorned with Silver Swarovski Crystals

Add a touch of exotic flair to your jewellery collection with the Personalised Silver Swarovski Crys..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

Heart Cut Out Engraved Silver Necklace

Hey there! Do you want to express your love for someone special? Our Engraved Necklace with Heart Cu..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Gold Plated Family Tree Necklace - Perfect Gift for Mom

Do you love your family more than anything in the world? Now you can show the whole world how much t..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Classic 18ct Gold Personalized Name Necklace

Make this beautiful necklace yours! This amazing piece of jewelry is made of high-quality 18ct solid..

$233.47 Ex Tax: $233.47

Swirly Silver Necklace with Personalized Initials

Hey, girls! Do you want to stand out with your own unique style? Look no further than this super coo..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Gold Couple Name Pendant Necklaces - The Key to My Heart

Delight in the key to your beloved's heart with this enchanting set of necklaces, perfect for Valent..

$48.85 Ex Tax: $48.85

Swarovski Necklace in Rose Gold Plated Silver

Hey girls! Are you looking for a super cute new piece of jewellery to add to your collection? Check ..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

18ct Gold Plated Silver Side Heart Name Necklace

This super cute necklace is perfect for showing off your name! It's made of 18ct gold over Sterling ..

$62.20 Ex Tax: $62.20

Customized Tree of Life Pendant Necklace, 8-18ct Rose Gold Plating

Behold, an exquisite piece of jewelry that enshrines a cherished legacy within its design - a pendan..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

18ct Rose Gold Plated Personalized Circles of Love Necklace Tree

At our store, we make our jewelry by hand from scratch. We use special materials like Sterling Silve..

$62.20 Ex Tax: $62.20

Heart Necklace for Couples with 18ct Gold Plating - Optimized for Gift.

Do you want to give someone special a personalized surprise? Check out this pretty 18ct gold over St..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

BFS Family Tree Necklace - Personalized and Customizable

The My Family Tree necklace is totally lovely! It's great for giving to your mom, grandma, auntie, B..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Heart Necklace Engraved with Birthstones - Perfect Gift Idea

Hey girls! Do you want to let everyone know you're taken? Check out our totally awesome Engraved Hea..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

Personalized Mummy Name Necklace featuring Charming Kids' Charms

Hey everyone, do you want to show off your unique identity? Well, our Name Necklace with Kids Charms..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Personalized 18k Gold Plated Cut-Out Initial Necklace

Do you want to stay trendy with the latest fashion accessory? Look no further than the Gold Plated C..

$29.30 Ex Tax: $29.30

Personalized Tree of Life Washer - 7 to 18ct Rose Gold Plated- Ideal for Crafting Standard Optimization.

This pendant is not just any piece of jewelry, it's a special family tree-style pendant that represe..

$71.21 Ex Tax: $71.21

Iconic Silver Bar Necklace: A Timeless Statement Piece

Do you want to wear something special as a statement piece? Our Silver Bar Necklace with Icons is pe..

$26.14 Ex Tax: $26.14

Personalized Birthstone Initial Pendant Necklace for Multiple Names

Add some pop to your necklace collection with our Multiple Initial Pendant Necklace with Birthstone!..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Customizable Two-Tone Rose Gold Tree of My Life Washer - Personalized

Amidst the artistry and mystery of tradition, a treasured creation is brought to light - the family ..

$71.21 Ex Tax: $71.21

Sterling Silver Charm Name Necklace

Hey! Are you looking for a cool and unique way to show off your name? Well, check out this Sterling ..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

Silver Sideways Cross Necklace Engraved for a Lasting Impression

When it comes to fashion and style, most of us want to look good while also staying true to our beli..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Silver Personalised Family Necklace - Best Gift for Loved Ones

Hey guys! I found something super cool to show off your love for your family! It's the Personalised ..

$37.75 Ex Tax: $37.75

Customized Two-Tone Rose Gold Tree of My Life Washer 9 - Personalized Gift

Behold, a treasured tradition imbued with newfound meaning, revealed in the form of a family tree-st..

$71.21 Ex Tax: $71.21

Three Generations Necklace: The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Jewelry Piece

Do you know what's really special? The bond between moms and daughters! It's something that lasts fo..

$72.02 Ex Tax: $72.02

Customizable Two-Tone Gold Tree Washer 7 - Personalized Tree of Life Design

Hi there! This beautiful pendant has a design that is inspired by the special bond between family me..

$71.21 Ex Tax: $71.21

Personalized 18ct Gold-Plated Initials Pendant - Choose Any Letter

This pretty pendant is super special because it's made out of something called 18ct Gold-Plated Ster..

$29.30 Ex Tax: $29.30

Men's Sterling Silver "Dog Tag" Necklace - Elevate Your Style Statement!

Looking for a stylish piece of jewelry to add some extra coolness to your outfit? Check out our ster..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Personalized Dog Tag Necklace for Men - Ideal Deployment Gift

Introducing a personalized dog tag necklace for men, the perfect deployment gift! This rectangular d..

$39.54 Ex Tax: $39.54

Sterling Silver Personalized Tree of My Life Necklace 7

This necklace is super special because it's like having a piece of your family tree right around you..

$44.17 Ex Tax: $44.17

Personalised Couple's Puzzle Necklace - 18CT Gold Plated

Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to show someone special how much you love them? Well, you can with th..

$54.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

Initial Star Necklace Made of Sterling Silver

Are you ready to shine bright like the stars? Well, now you can with the Sterling Silver Star Initia..

$27.04 Ex Tax: $27.04

Mother-Daughter Necklace Set - The Perfect Unique Gift for Mum

Mothers and daughters have a special connection that can never be broken. You can celebrate this spe..

$58.59 Ex Tax: $58.59

Engrave Your Two Names on 18ct Gold-Plated Silver Pendant Necklace for a Personalized Look

Hey there! Are you looking for a super cute necklace to make your name stand out? Check out this awe..

$72.02 Ex Tax: $72.02

Brand New All-Capital Sterling Silver Name Necklace

Hey there! If you're looking for a cute and trendy necklace that you can personalize with your own n..

$27.22 Ex Tax: $27.22

Personalize Your Look with a Script Font Initial Pendant, 18ct Gold Plated

If you want a pretty and unique piece of jewelry, you should totally check out the Gold Plated Initi..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

Sterling Silver Personalised Washer Necklace - Tree of My Life Design

This pendant is so special because it has a family tree design! You can even customize it with up to..

$62.20 Ex Tax: $62.20

Baby Feet New Mum Necklace- Celebrate Motherhood with Style!

Have you ever been looking for the perfect gift for a new mommy? We have just the thing - the New Mu..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Birthstone Engraved Music Note Necklace - The Perfect Personalized Gift

Hey there! Do you have a friend who's really good at music? If so, I found the perfect gift for them..

$31.46 Ex Tax: $31.46

Mother's Three-Disc Necklace - Stunning Jewellery for Moms

If you're searching for a means of expressing your love and appreciation to your mother any time of ..

$49.57 Ex Tax: $49.57

Customized Sterling Silver Script Necklace - Personalized Jewelry

Hey there! Are you looking for a cool new way to show off your name? Well, look no further than the ..

$45.06 Ex Tax: $45.06

Rose Gold and Silver Two-Tone Personalized Triple Love Family Pendant

Hey there! We love making all our jewellery by hand, starting from scratch! It's super cool because ..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Heart Pendant with Engraved Silver Monogram Initials

Do you or your Mum love personalized jewelry? If so, check out this amazing Silver Engraved Monogram..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Carrie Name Necklace - 18ct Gold-Plated Silver for an Elegant Look

Indulge in some weekend pampering with the ultimate accessory, a personalised "Carrie" style name ne..

$25.44 Ex Tax: $25.44

18ct Rose Gold Plated Personalized BFS Family Tree Necklace - Ideal for Perfect Gift

The My Family Tree necklace is really pretty and would be perfect for moms, grandmas, aunts, or your..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Sterling Silver Personalized Tree of My Life Washer 7

This pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry - it's a strong connection to your family's roots!..

$62.20 Ex Tax: $62.20

"Love Necklace for Couples" - High-Quality Sterling Silver Jewelry

Do you believe in love? If so, you'll adore the Sterling Silver Couples Love Necklace! This necklace..

$25.96 Ex Tax: $25.96

Stunning Silver Necklace with Swarovski Middle Heart and Customizable Name Plate

Hello everyone! Have you ever seen those beautiful necklaces with names on them? Well, we have somet..

$31.55 Ex Tax: $31.55

Sterling Silver Monogram Disc Necklace: Optimal Crafting Standard

This Silver Monogram Disc Necklace is a perfect way to show off your unique style! With this necklac..

$32.00 Ex Tax: $32.00

Customizable Sterling Silver Football Pendant - Personalized for True Fans

Are you a huge fan of football? Do you love to show off your love for the sport through jewellery? L..

$31.55 Ex Tax: $31.55

Mum Inscriptions Silver Birthstone Necklace (1-3) - Perfect Gift for Mom

Hey guys! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your mom? Look no further than the Silver Birthst..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

Two-Tone Personalized Circles of Love Necklace Tree in Gold and Silver

Do you like saying a lot without having to say too much? Check out this pendant - it's got an intere..

$58.59 Ex Tax: $58.59

Silver Personalised Breakable Heart Necklaces - The Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Hey guys, I want to tell you about this super cute Couples Broken Heart Necklace that lets you share..

$63.01 Ex Tax: $63.01

Personalized Say My Name Necklace - The Perfect Gift

Hey, do you ever just want to show the world who you are? Well, guess what? The Say My Name Personal..

$35.16 Ex Tax: $35.16

Double Thickness Classic Name Necklace in 18ct Gold - Perfect for All Occasions!

Hey there! Do you want to add some sparkle to your collection? Check out this gorgeous 18ct gold nam..

$269.53 Ex Tax: $269.53

Silver Name Necklace in Comic Style - A Fun and Stylish Accessory

Hey there! This super cool necklace is made of Sterling Silver 0.925 and it's totally customizable w..

$27.22 Ex Tax: $27.22