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Grey's Anatomy "You're My Person" Bracelet - BFF Gift

The Grey's Anatomy "You're My Person" Bracelet is a unique and handcrafted piece of jewelry that has..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Custom Infinity Friendship Bracelet - Perfect BFF Gift

Looking for a unique and meaningful way to show your appreciation for your best friend? Look no furt..

$41.10 $35.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Personalized Dog Tag Necklace for Men - Ideal Deployment Gift

Introducing a personalized dog tag necklace for men, the perfect deployment gift! This rectangular d..

$39.54 Ex Tax: $39.54

Daddy's Girl Bracelet: Custom Jewelry Gift for Daughter from Dad

Our uniquely crafted Daddy's Girl Bracelet is the perfect custom jewelry gift for any daughter from ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Silver Strength Bracelet with Custom Inspirational Charms - Empowering Jewelry for Women's Wellness and Courage

This silver strength bracelet is a uniquely handcrafted accessory made from tough gauge sterling sil..

$40.98 Ex Tax: $40.98

Custom Family Stick Figure Christmas Ornament - Personalized Holiday Decoration

This custom engraved silver disc measures 1 1/2 inches and features unique stick figure artwork of y..

$30.21 Ex Tax: $30.21

Empowering Bracelet for Cancer, Addiction, Mental Health, and Divorce - Gift for Inspirational Strength

This Empowering Bracelet for Cancer, Addiction, Mental Health, and Divorce is designed with an oval ..

$47.32 Ex Tax: $47.32

Personalized Silver BFF Bracelet for Adults - Best Friends Forever

Expecting a personalized piece of jewelry to celebrate your best friendship? Look no further than ou..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Grey's Anatomy Quote BFF Bracelet | Rose Gold 'You're My Person' Gift

This Grey's Anatomy Quote BFF Bracelet is a perfect gift to show your loved ones how much they mean ..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Custom Gold Sunshine Necklace for Granddaughter or Daughter

Indulge in our bespoke and exclusive 18k gold filled disc engraved with the phrase "you are my (suns..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Customized Name Bracelet: Unique Friend Gift, Kids' Names Jewelry

Expecting a customized bracelet that is unique and special? Look no further than our Customized Name..

$47.32 Ex Tax: $47.32

Golden Lotus Necklace with Om Charm - Inspiring Yoga Gift

Introducing our Golden Lotus Necklace with an exquisite design that showcases a 24k gold plated lotu..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Tooth Fairy Necklace: Perfect Gift for Dental Pros & Dentists

Introducing a uniquely crafted Tooth Fairy Necklace, perfect as a gift for dental professionals and ..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Silver Stackable Bracelet Set with Initials

The offer entails a marvelous set of 2 stackable bangle bracelets, fashioned for the convenience of ..

$68.31 Ex Tax: $68.31

Isaiah 41:10 Bracelet - Christian & Religious Jewelry

Are you seeking a unique bracelet with a Christian message? Look no further than our Isaiah 41:10 br..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Sister Bracelet - Silver/Gold, Maid of Honor & BFF Gift

Looking for a special gift for your sister? Look no further than our oval bangle bracelet measuring ..

$41.10 $35.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Personalized Mother Daughter Sunshine Bracelet Set - Sterling Silver, Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids.

This listing is for a personalized Mother Daughter Sunshine Bracelet Set made of two bangles, each m..

$72.19 Ex Tax: $72.19

Empowering She Did Bracelet - Inspiring Graduation Gift

Looking for a unique way to inspire and empower yourself or a loved one? Look no further than our en..

$49.10 $39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Custom Something Blue Wedding Bouquet Charm: In Memory Of

If you're looking for a customized and sentimental addition to your wedding bouquet, consider our "C..

$31.77 Ex Tax: $31.77

Custom Cancer Zodiac Jewelry and Zodiac Bangle - Ideal Birthday Present for June and July

Introducing our stunning bangle bracelet, meticulously handcrafted from heavy gauge wire that is ham..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Engraved Date Bangle - Personalized Gift for Anniversary or New Mom

Our engraved date bangles are a unique way to preserve memories and celebrate special occasions. Cra..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Rose Gold BFF Bracelet - Personalized Friendship Jewelry

With this personalized Rose Gold BFF Bracelet, you can show your friendship in a unique and stylish ..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Personalized Sweet 16 Keychain for Teen Girl Gift

Presenting a uniquely crafted silver keyring that comes with an exquisite engraved silver disc measu..

$34.88 Ex Tax: $34.88

Personalized Best Cousin Ever Necklace - Perfect Gift for Christmas or Birthday

Looking for a unique and personalized gift for your favorite cousin? Look no further than our sterli..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Mother Daughter Bracelets Christmas Gift Set - Mom Daughter Jewelry, Perfect for Her!

Expecting a unique way to express your affection for someone special? Look no further! Our "I Love Y..

$44.98 Ex Tax: $44.98

Equestrian Personalized Bracelet - Perfect Jockey Gift

Looking for a unique and personalized gift for yourself or a loved one? Look no further than our 18k..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Custom Kappa Kappa Gamma Necklace: Personalized Sorority Jewelry with Greek Letters

Expecting an official Kappa Kappa Gamma necklace? Look no further than our exquisite collection of p..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Pharmacy Grad Necklace with Rx Mortar and Pestle – Perfect Pharmaceutical Gift

Expecting the perfect pharmaceutical gift? Look no further than this Pharmacy Grad Necklace featurin..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Personalized Survivor Jewelry - Inspirational Bracelet for Recovery & Support: Cancer, DV Awareness

This unique and inspiring bracelet features a 1 1/4 inch oval charm engraved with the word "survivor..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Best Friends Bracelet - Friendship Jewelry

Expecting a special gift for your best friend? Look no further than these beautifully crafted bangle..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Gold Om Bracelet for Yoga

Looking for a unique and personalized bracelet for your yoga practice? Look no further than our Pers..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Sweet 16 Home Keychain: Perfect Gift for Her!

Expecting a perfect gift for your special someone's 16th birthday? Look no further than this exquisi..

$34.88 Ex Tax: $34.88

September Birthstone Bracelet Set with Personalized Sapphire Jewelry and Something Blue Gift.

Expecting a stylish and personalized addition to your jewelry collection? Look no further than our s..

$65.97 Ex Tax: $65.97

Custom Coordinate Jewelry Set for Wedding Couple with Dog Tag Necklaces

This custom coordinate jewelry set is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their special moment..

$73.75 Ex Tax: $73.75

Custom Paw Print Necklace - Personalized Pet Memorial Jewelry for Cat or Dog - Loss of Pet Gift

Make a personalized statement with our custom paw print necklace, perfect for celebrating the memory..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Gold Infinity Bracelet - Customizable, Symbolic Jewelry for Wife, Gift Idea.

This gold vermeil bangle bracelet is adorned with a 24k gold infinity symbol at its center. The infi..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Custom Latitude Longitude Bracelet in Rose Gold - Perfect Anniversary or Christmas Gift for Her

Looking for a unique and personalized piece of jewelry to give as a gift or add to your own collecti..

$54.31 Ex Tax: $54.31

Personalized Fox Bangle Bracelet - Woodland Jewelry

Introducing our Personalized Fox Bangle Bracelet, a stunning piece of woodland jewelry that is sure ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Musical Bangle Bracelet with Inspirational Quote - Music Lover Gift, Notes Charm

This stunning bangle bracelet features an 18k gold filled rectangle measuring 1 1/8 inches across, w..

$41.10 $35.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

June Birthstone Pearl Bracelet: Personalized for Her with Gold Bangle & Swarovski Pearls.

This stunning bangle bracelet showcases an exquisite 8mm white Swarovski pearl at its center. Skillf..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Scorpio Astro Bracelet with Initial Charm - Zodiac Jewelry

Looking for a beautiful bangle bracelet that showcases your zodiac sign? Look no further than our ha..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Kind Elements Necklace: Inspirational Science Jewelry for Geeks

Introducing our Kind Elements Necklace, an inspirational piece of science jewelry that is perfect fo..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Rose Gold Caduceus & Nurse Necklace: Perfect Gift for Medical Professionals & Graduates

Are you seeking a stylish yet meaningful accessory to wear every day? Look no further than our Rose ..

$44.21 Ex Tax: $44.21

Best Sister Ever Bracelet - Silver, Gold or Rose Gold - Custom Gift for BFF or Sister - Perfect Birthday Gift

Discover a special way to celebrate the bond of sisterhood with our Best Sister Ever Bracelet. Exper..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Te Amo Infinity Bracelet for Her - Spanish "I Love You" Bangle in Silver

Crafted with precision and care, each bangle bracelet is an exquisite piece of jewelry that epitomiz..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Date Bracelet - Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding Gift

Are you seeking a special way to commemorate a significant date? This personalized date bracelet is ..

$47.32 Ex Tax: $47.32

Custom Gold Hummingbird Bracelet - Elegant Bird Jewelry

Introducing our Custom Gold Hummingbird Bracelet, a beautiful piece of elegant bird jewelry that is ..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Custom Daughter Bracelet - Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Are you seeking the perfect gift to give to your daughter? Look no further than our custom-made daug..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Custom New Mom Bracelet Set - Simple Silver Initial Bangle Stack.

Expecting a stylish and personalized addition to your jewelry collection? Look no further than these..

$72.19 Ex Tax: $72.19

Personalized Volleyball Necklace & Jewelry for Athletes and Coaches

Introducing our Sterling Silver Filled chain, available in 16, 18 or 20 inches. This stunning neckla..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Rose Gold Lotus Bracelet - Yoga-inspired Flower Bangle Gift

This stunning bangle is meticulously crafted by hand using 18k rose gold filled wire that is careful..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Pisces Zodiac Bangle - Astrology Jewelry

Expecting a piece of stunning astrology jewelry to add to your collection? Look no further than this..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Custom Gold Bangle with Initials - Perfect Gift

Expecting a personalized and unique accessory? This listing is for one custom initial bangle bracele..

$44.21 Ex Tax: $44.21

Gold Om Breathe Necklace – Inspirational Yoga Jewelry

Introducing our gold Om Breathe Necklace made of 18k gold filled materials. This jewelry piece featu..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Yoga Meditation Bracelet - Mindful Bangle Jewelry

Introducing our unique rectangle-shaped bangle, measuring 1 1/8 inches in length and engraved with t..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Monogram & Pearl Bracelet Set in Sterling Silver

This listing is for a set of 2 stackable bangle bracelets made from sterling silver wire. The bangle..

$68.31 Ex Tax: $68.31

Best Mom Ever" Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet - Christmas Gift for Wife or Mom

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom or wife? Look no further than our "Best Mom Ever" Rose Gol..

$48.09 Ex Tax: $48.09

Justice Bracelet for Lawyers, Law School Grads & Judges - Perfect Gift!

Our Justice Bracelets are meticulously crafted by hand, using heavy gauge wire that is formed and ha..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Gold Paw Print Necklace for Pet Lovers, Memorial Jewelry for Pet Loss

Expecting a beautiful necklace that celebrates your love for your furry friend? Look no further! Our..

$44.21 Ex Tax: $44.21

Personalized Gold Handwriting Bracelet - Engraved Gift from Dad

Customize your very own bracelet with personalized handwriting and make it a truly unique piece. Thi..

$62.86 Ex Tax: $62.86

Sunshine Bracelet: Jewelry Gift for Kids & Family

Expecting a special gift for your loved one? Look no further than our hand-formed bangle bracelets! ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Custom Kappa Alpha Theta Necklace, Licensed Greek Jewelry.

This Kappa Alpha Theta necklace comes with an official license and is made of high-quality materials..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Lotus Flower Sterling Silver Bangle - Customizable Yoga Bracelet

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful accessory, look no further than our lotus flower bracel..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Nana Charm Necklace - Best Gift for Christmas & Beyond

Looking for a special gift to give to your beloved Nana? Look no further than our Nana charm necklac..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized 'I Love You' Bracelet for Her - Ideal Anniversary or Birthday Gift - 143 Jeweled Bangle

Are you seeking a unique and personalized gift for that special someone? Look no further than our ha..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Justice Necklace - Ideal Gift for Lawyers, Law School & Pre-Law Grads or Christmas

Looking for a unique accessory that also makes a thoughtful gift? Look no further than our engraved ..

$37.21 Ex Tax: $37.21

Nursery Rhyme Bracelet - "Bushel & Peck" Christmas Gift from Daughter

If you're looking for a unique and special gift for someone dear to you, our handmade bangles might ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Guardian Angel Bracelet - Loss of Loved One Gift & Pi Beta Phi Jewelry

Our Personalized Guardian Angel Bracelet is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that can be ..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Personalized Rose Gold Necklace for Women - Ideal Anniversary or Friend Gift

Our exquisite 18k rose gold filled chain comes in sizes of 16, 18, and 20 inches to fit any style pr..

$44.21 Ex Tax: $44.21

Best Grandma Ever" Engraved Silver Bracelet - Perfect Christmas Gift!

Our “Best Grandma Ever” engraved silver bracelet is the perfect way to show your grandma just how mu..

$41.10 Ex Tax: $41.10

Men's Latitude-Longitude Dog Tag Necklace - Custom GPS Coordinates - Ideal Christmas Gift

Looking for a unique gift for a special man in your life? Look no further than our Men's Latitude-Lo..

$39.54 Ex Tax: $39.54

Custom Periodic Table Tie Clip - Perfect Christmas Gift for Science Lovers & Geeks

This listing features a custom tie bar that can be uniquely engraved on the front, and optionally pe..

$37.99 Ex Tax: $37.99