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Celtic & Claddagh
Welcome to our Celtic and Claddagh category page, where you will discover a treasure trove of traditional Irish jewelry, artwork and gift items. The intricate knotwork designs and symbols of ancient Celtic mythology have been beautifully incorporated into our collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings, making them a popular gift for women, men and children alike. Additionally, we offer a stunning selection of Claddagh rings, which originated in County Galway, Ireland, that have become a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship across the world. The heart, hands, and crown design of the Claddagh ring reflects the bond of love and friendship between two people, making them a beloved gift for many special occasions. Our Celtic and Claddagh collection also includes Irish artwork depicting scenes of Ireland's beauty, including landscapes, fairy tales, folklore and Saints. Our customers enjoy not only the unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship of our products, but also the history and symbolism behind them. Shop our Celtic and Claddagh collection today and bring a piece of Ireland into your home or give a meaningful gift to someone special.
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Celtic Claddagh Ring with Intricate Caged Hearts Design

This Irish and Celtic inspired Caged Hearts Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a symbo..

$75.71 Ex Tax: $75.71

Gold Plated Ladies Claddagh Rings with Birthstone and Personalized Name - Modern and Stylish Design

As you browse through the wares of our humble establishment, one item in particular may catch your e..

$49.57 Ex Tax: $49.57

Claddagh Ring with Caged Hearts Design

This particular piece of jewelry - an Irish inspired Caged Hearts Ring - is infused with deep emotio..

$75.71 Ex Tax: $75.71

Authentic Sterling Silver Men's Classic Celtic Claddagh Ring - Timeless Irish Design

The Max Ring Width of this stunning Claddagh style ring is an impressive 12mm, with a Band Width of ..

$75.71 Ex Tax: $75.71

Celtic Knot Signet Ring for Men optimized for Gift

This stunning ring boasts a centrally placed, 3mm round stone, intricately crafted celtic knot symbo..

$69.40 Ex Tax: $69.40

Elegant Claddagh Ring with Halo Design for a Stunning Look

Indulge in the opulence of your own customised Claddagh ring. A heart-shaped stone in the centre, en..

$90.85 Ex Tax: $90.85

Celtic Knot Ring - Siobhán Design for a touch of Irish Style

Behold this Celtic knot ring resplendent with three dazzling gemstones. The precious stones are held..

$63.09 Ex Tax: $63.09

White Gold Plated Silver Ladies Claddagh Rings with Birthstone and Name Personalization

The Modern Claddagh Ring is a most unique and distinctive piece of jewellery, featuring two hands cl..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Stunning Classic Claddagh Heart Cut Ring with Gorgeous Accents

With the Claddagh ring, you don't just get a beautiful symbol of love and friendship, but also an ex..

$90.85 Ex Tax: $90.85

Celtic Spinner Ring - Embrace the Timeless Design

The elegant and delicate ring measures approximately 0.9cm in length, making it the perfect accessor..

$53.18 Ex Tax: $53.18

Celtic Triple Trinity Heart Ring - Enhance Your Look with Symbolic Design

With its three intricate Celtic Trinity Knot symbols delicately connected by a heart-shaped center, ..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Celtic Knot Ring - Sláine Design, for Authentic Irish Charm and Style

Behold, the Celtic ring! A veritable treasure trove of beauty, this precious gem holds within it thr..

$63.09 Ex Tax: $63.09

Stunning Oxidized Silver Celtic Heart Ring for Women

The perfect gift is hard to come by, but with this heart-shaped ring decorated with a Celtic Trinity..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Exquisite Celtic Heart Ring Design for Unforgettable Style

The 17 1.25mm Round Stones and the maximum 11.5mm Ring Width combine in perfect harmony with this Ce..

$88.33 Ex Tax: $88.33

Authentic Heart Stone Claddagh Ring for Sale

The Claddagh ring, steeped in traditional Irish symbolism, is a token of love and devotion that tran..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Stunning Celtic Sparkle Ring with Interwoven Infinity Band Design

There's a certain allure to this refined design, complete with two radiant birthstones positioned be..

$68.14 Ex Tax: $68.14

Stunning Sinéad Celtic Knot Ring for Timeless Style.

The Sinéad Celtic Knot Ring boasts a Max Ring Width of 12mm and serves as a timeless symbol of love ..

$50.47 Ex Tax: $50.47

Elegant Infinity Claddagh Ring with Dazzling Side Stones

In the dazzling world of fine jewellery, it can be difficult to find a piece that is both understate..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Elegant Classic Infinity Claddagh Ring for Timeless Irish Style

With a width aptly suited to most tastes, our Max Ring is a harmonious blend of our crowd-pleasers: ..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Intricately Designed Sterling Silver Celtic Knotted Claddagh Ring

The Max Ring Width is 8mm, with a Min Band Width of 3.0 mm and a Max Band Width of 4.0 mm. A subtle ..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Celtic Claddagh Band Ring for Men in Sterling Silver

This exquisite ring boasts a captivating Claddagh motif at its center, complemented by a mesmerizing..

$71.18 Ex Tax: $71.18

Stunning and Unique Fancy Celtic Ring for Men and Women.

This exquisite ring boasts a substantial width of 12mm and features an elaborate Celtic design polis..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Authentic Celtic Solitaire Bypass Ring - Stunning Jewelry Piece

Intricately crafted with a bypass design, this ring flaunts a stunning 2.5mm round stone that sits o..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Stunning Double Celtic Gemstone Ring for Elegant Style

This exquisite ring boasts two expertly crafted Celtic symbols, each adorned with your choice of lux..

$75.71 Ex Tax: $75.71

Celtic Half Eternity Ring Made of Sterling Silver

The Max Ring Width is a striking piece, with a sleek and stylish 7mm band adorned with a repeating r..

$68.14 Ex Tax: $68.14

Authentic Classic Claddagh Ring - Traditional Irish Symbol

Looking for a classic yet meaningful piece of jewelry to symbolize love or marriage? Look no further..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Handcrafted Round Stone Claddagh Ring for Women - Celtic Design

Behold the Claddagh ring, a traditional Irish token of love. This ring, adorned with a glorious 2.5m..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Classic Claddagh Ring with Accents in High-Quality Sterling Silver

Wrap the exquisite Claddagh ring around your finger, adorned with ten luminous 2mm round stones. Wit..

$69.40 Ex Tax: $69.40

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Celtic Wreath Men's Ring - Unique and Stylish Design

This bespoke ring boasts a 7mm max ring width, ensconced by two strips adorned with intricate celtic..

$63.09 Ex Tax: $63.09