Halo Ring

Halo Ring
The Halo Ring category page offers a wide variety of exquisite and stylish rings that are sure to make any outfit stand out. Halo rings are characterized by a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds that create a halo effect, giving the ring a magnificent and captivating appeal. These rings come in various designs, metals, and stones, from classic oval-shaped diamonds to elegant sapphires and rubies. They are suitable for any occasion, be it a wedding, engagement, anniversary, or just a statement piece to elevate your everyday look. The Halo Ring category page has a vast selection of rings for every budget, from affordable options to luxurious and intricate designs. Whether you prefer a classic look or a contemporary style, there is a Halo Ring to suit everyone's taste. The exquisite craftsmanship and stunning beauty of Halo Rings will make you fall in love with them over and over again. Shop now to browse our collection and find the perfect Halo Ring for you or your loved one.
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18ct Gold Mens Halo Wedding Ring for product title.

The 3.2mm halo profile band radiates a classic beauty, accentuating the tender curves of your finger..

$437.19 Ex Tax: $437.19

Elegant 18ct Gold Halo Wedding Ring

The 2.9mm halo profile band is a breathtaking piece of jewellery that is perfect for any occasion. W..

$486.77 Ex Tax: $486.77

Elegant Heart with Halo Promise Ring for Eternal Love

Behold a heart of shining brilliance, aglow within a heart-shaped halo. As one gazes into it, the pr..

$75.71 Ex Tax: $75.71

Wedding Band with Sterling Silver Halo Design

Delight in the enchanting elegance of our divine wedding bands, available in an array of UK ring siz..

$49.58 Ex Tax: $49.58

Show Your Love with a Heart Halo Ring - A Stunning and Romantic Choice

With a heart cut stone that measures 4mm x 4mm and 18 1.25mm round accent stones, this ring is the e..

$100.95 Ex Tax: $100.95

Elegant Claddagh Ring with Halo Design for a Stunning Look

Indulge in the opulence of your own customised Claddagh ring. A heart-shaped stone in the centre, en..

$90.85 Ex Tax: $90.85

Halo Ring in 18ct White Gold

Enter the enchanting world of bespoke rings with this personalized custom-made engraved piece of bea..

$389.42 Ex Tax: $389.42

Elegant Sterling Silver Round Stone and Octagon Halo Ring Design

This stunning vintage-inspired ring features a magnificent octagonal halo and a breathtaking 9mm (2...

$94.64 Ex Tax: $94.64

Halo Ring Featuring 6 to 9 Stunning Stones for Elevated Style

Indulge in a truly unique and stylish design that's sure to turn heads with six to nine dazzling rou..

$106.00 Ex Tax: $106.00

Halo Ring in Yellow Gold: Elevate Your Jewelry Collection with This Stunning Piece.

As you embark on your search for the perfect ring, it's important to have a comprehensive understand..

$540.86 Ex Tax: $540.86

Stunning Emerald Cut Cocktail Ring with Halo Accentuated Charm

The centerpiece of this exquisite ring is a breathtaking emerald cut stone, measuring 7mm x 5mm and ..

$107.26 Ex Tax: $107.26

Stunning Pear-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring with Sparkling Brilliance

This exquisite ring boasts a pear-shaped 6mm x 4mm main stone, accompanied by eighteen 1.25mm round ..

$107.26 Ex Tax: $107.26

Stunning Splendid Double Halo Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The Splendid Princess Ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry, sure to captivate any eye that falls up..

$119.88 Ex Tax: $119.88

Stunning Sterling Silver Chai Ring with Intricate Braided Halo Design

Experience the elegance of our Chai Ring, featuring a Hebrew symbol signifying life and encapsulated..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Elegant Sterling Silver Double Halo Fountain Ring for Stylish Women

A wondrous, sparkling rock of 1ct magnitude takes center stage, boasting a plethora of brilliance. A..

$119.88 Ex Tax: $119.88

Elegant Victoria Single Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This exquisite piece boasts a captivating 2ct round solitaire, encircled by a halo of twelve 2mm rou..

$82.02 Ex Tax: $82.02

Make Heads Turn with a Dazzling Cushion Cut Ring Surrounded by a Glamorous Halo

The 7mm x 7mm (2 ct) cushion cut stone is the epitome of modern elegance, with its dazzling brillian..

$132.50 Ex Tax: $132.50

Exquisite Margaret Double Halo Engagement Ring for Timeless Elegance.

The Margaret Ring is a stunning masterpiece that exudes the exquisite strength and refined elegance ..

$100.95 Ex Tax: $100.95

Elegant Victoria Double Halo Diamond Ring for Engagement or Wedding

Marvel at the exquisite beauty of this stunning design featuring an 8mm (2 ct) round center stone an..

$119.88 Ex Tax: $119.88

Authentic Shalom Peace Ring for Spiritual Harmony and Serenity.

The Max Ring Width extends to 11mm, exhibiting not only elegance and style but also a profound spiri..

$60.56 Ex Tax: $60.56

Floating Star: Discover the Mesmerizing Beauty of an Angelic Halo Ring

This stunning star ring boasts six 1.25mm round stones and thirty 1 RDs, with a maximum width of 12m..

$100.95 Ex Tax: $100.95

Sparkling Elegance: Princess Cut Halo Ring in Sterling Silver for Magnificent Cocktails

Behold the princess of rings, adorned with a striking 10mm x 10mm (5.63 ct) centre stone and 32 1.25..

$138.81 Ex Tax: $138.81

Stunning Halo of Love Engagement Ring

This resplendent halo ring, adorned with micro pave setting and a peek-a-boo stone setting on the co..

$88.33 Ex Tax: $88.33

Exquisite Cleopatra Double Halo Ring for Timeless Elegance

Men were once beguiled by the alluring charm of Cleopatra, just as you will be drawn to the dazzling..

$100.95 Ex Tax: $100.95

Luxuriate in Elegance with the Little Luxury Halo Ring: A Perfect Accessory for All Occasions

This alluring promise ring boasts a 3mm round stone as its centerpiece, surrounded by a radiant halo..

$69.40 Ex Tax: $69.40

Halo-Encircled Emerald Cut Ring-Make A Statement with this Fascinating Jewelry Piece!

This ostentatious ring demands attention with its sizable 12mm x 10mm emerald cut stone weighing in ..

$138.81 Ex Tax: $138.81