Name-Shape Ring

Name-Shape Ring
Welcome to our Shape Ring category page, featuring a wide range of rings designed with unique and distinct shapes. We offer an extensive collection of shape rings that cater to every preference and taste. Whether you like modern, minimalistic designs or prefer something more intricate and detailed, our selection has something for everyone. Our Shape Ring collection includes striking geometric shapes such as triangles and squares, unusual forms like stars and hearts, and natural shapes like leaves and flowers. You can choose from a variety of metals, including gold, silver, rose gold, and platinum, with or without precious stones. Each ring is created with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, designed to make a statement on any finger or fit any occasion. Our Shape Ring collection allows you to express your individual style and personality, and we provide a wide range of options to help you find the perfect shape ring to match your taste. Browse our collection today and discover your next favorite shape ring.
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Silver Name Ring - Customizable Personalized Design in Stunning Silver Finish

Hi there! Have you ever wanted to have a special ring with your name on it? Well, now you can with t..

$53.09 Ex Tax: $53.09

Carrie Name Ring in Sterling Silver - Best for Gift

Are you looking for a stylish accessory that makes a statement? Look no further than the brand new S..

$49.58 Ex Tax: $49.58

Custom English Sterling Silver Name Ring with Engraving

Do you ever want to have a special piece of jewelry that is personalized just for you? Look no furth..

$35.61 Ex Tax: $35.61

Personalized Mom Name Ring - Show Your Love for Mom with Custom Engraved Jewelry

This darling personalized Mom ring is the perfect way to commemorate the boundless love of motherhoo..

$44.16 Ex Tax: $44.16

Solid 18ct Gold Two Finger Name Ring - Top Crafting Standard

Hey there! Check out this awesome two finger ring, handmade just for you! It's super trendy and come..

$530.94 Ex Tax: $530.94

Gold Plated Ladies Claddagh Rings with Birthstone and Personalized Name - Modern and Stylish Design

As you browse through the wares of our humble establishment, one item in particular may catch your e..

$49.57 Ex Tax: $49.57

18ct Gold Plated Custom Infinity Name Ring

Behold a marvel of craftsmanship, a custom Infinity Name Ring, plated with 18k gold, imbued with sig..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

18ct Gold Plated Engraved Promise Name Ring

The Promise Name Ring is a true testament to the power of love. Crafted from the finest 925 Silver, ..

$32.80 Ex Tax: $32.80

18ct Gold Plated 925 Silver Oval Mantilla Engagement Ring with Engraved Name

Behold the breathtaking Birthstone Mantilla Ring, a bold and contemporary jewel that is sure to capt..

$49.57 Ex Tax: $49.57

Sterling Silver Personalized Nameplate Infinity Ring - Customizable and Unique

Indulge in the eternal allure of love with this Personalized Infinity Nameplate Ring in Sterling Sil..

$27.94 Ex Tax: $27.94

Silver Oval Engagement Ring with Engraved Name Mantilla

Behold the resplendent Birthstone Mantilla Ring, a contemporary masterpiece of understated luxury. T..

$49.57 Ex Tax: $49.57

White Gold Plated Silver Ladies Claddagh Rings with Birthstone and Name Personalization

The Modern Claddagh Ring is a most unique and distinctive piece of jewellery, featuring two hands cl..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Customizable Infinity Nameplate Rings for Her in Sterling Silver or Rose Gold

Infinite love and boundless beauty come together to form this personalized birthstone infinity ring...

$54.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

Gold-Plated Silver Personalized Flower Engagement Birthstone Name Ring with Engraved Name

Behold, the flower engagement ring, crafted with the finest 925 silver and featuring a single unique..

$63.09 Ex Tax: $63.09

18ct Gold Plated Birthstone Infinity Promise Ring Personalized With Name - Best for Gift

The Birthstone Infinity Promise Ring with Name is a breathtaking display of sentimentality. Crafted ..

$51.10 Ex Tax: $51.10

Stylish Soliloquy Stone and Personalized Name Ring

This stunning ring pays homage to a cherished individual with a singular, contemporary design that c..

$63.09 Ex Tax: $63.09

Personalized Infinity Promise Ring for Women with Name and Birthstone - Silver

The Infinity Promise Ring with Name and Birthstone is truly a gift of love. Each birthstone is chose..

$50.47 Ex Tax: $50.47

Engraved Cuff Rings in 18ct Gold Plating with Personalized Name

Behold the stunning Name Ring, now available in a dazzling 18k Gold Plated version! Customisable wit..

$34.06 Ex Tax: $34.06

Sterling Silver Personalised Mother's Name Ring with Birthstone

In celebration of the cherished bond between mother and child, behold this breathtaking personalized..

$50.47 Ex Tax: $50.47

Sterling Silver Promise Name Ring with Personalization

Inscribed with the very words that symbolize the commitment that you share, our Personalized Promise..

$32.17 Ex Tax: $32.17

Sterling Silver Personalized Engagement Birthstone Name Ring with Flower Design

Intricate and delicate, this stunning Name Ring crafted from 925 Silver boasts not only its sparklin..

$62.46 Ex Tax: $62.46

Sterling Silver Promise Rose Ring with Birthstone and Engraved Name

Behold, the Monogram Ring - a true marvel in the world of accessories. With a width of 4mm and a thi..

$48.13 Ex Tax: $48.13

18ct Gold Plated Two Finger Cross Ring with Engraved Name

This exquisite Two Finger Cross Ring, available in both 18k gold plated and sterling silver, effortl..

$44.16 Ex Tax: $44.16

Sterling Silver Custom Engraved Two Finger Cross Ring with Personalized Name

Indulge in the sublime allure of the Custom Two Finger Cross Ring - a sterling silver masterpiece th..

$37.85 Ex Tax: $37.85

Personalized Promise Flower Ring with Engraved Name and Birthstone in Sterling Silver

With heart-shaped petals and a glimmering birthstone at its core, this Promise Flower Ring Engraved ..

$62.46 Ex Tax: $62.46

Spiritual Symbolism in Sterling Silver: In the Name of Spirituality Cross Ring

This dazzling ring boasts a 3mm round main stone and nine exquisite 2.5mm round secondary stones. It..

$94.64 Ex Tax: $94.64

Silver Heart Ring with Promised Name Personalization for Couples

Behold this delicate and beguiling ring, a reminder of your virtuous pledge to abstain from matrimon..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Sterling Silver Cross Rings with Personalized Engravings

Behold, the cross ring of engraved names, crafted from sterling silver. Are you yet bewitched by the..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Sterling Silver Cuff Rings - Personalized Engraved Name Design for Optimal Style and Durability

Indulge in the daring and voguish Sterling Silver Name Ring - an exquisite piece that commands atten..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54

Sterling Silver Personalised Name Ring - Allegro Two Finger Style

Behold, the Personalized Allegro Two Finger Name Ring Sterling Silver! This tantalizing accessory is..

$40.56 Ex Tax: $40.56

18ct Gold Plated Custom Allegro Two Finger Nameplated Ring

The Custom Allegro Two Finger Nameplated Ring 18k Gold Plated is the perfect accessory for those loo..

$44.16 Ex Tax: $44.16

Sterling Silver Personalized Carrie Name Rings - Ideal Gift Option

Behold, dear reader, this magnificent piece of personalized jewelry! A shining sterling silver ring,..

$28.80 Ex Tax: $28.80

18ct Gold Plated Birthstone and Flower Promise Ring Personalized with Name

Behold, a wondrous trinket awaits. A Name Ring crafted from the finest 925 Silver, boasting measurem..

$63.09 Ex Tax: $63.09

18ct Gold Plated Custom Name Rings - Personalized Carrie Design

Introducing our Custom Carrie Name Rings, plated in 18k Gold and crafted with stunning precision. A ..

$29.88 Ex Tax: $29.88

Gold Plated Silver Custom Promise Ring for Couples with Engraved Names in Heart Design

This exquisite name ring serves as a tender and poignant symbol of one's commitment to abstain from ..

$31.54 Ex Tax: $31.54